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Kimito Island – est 500 BC

The Archipelago in the Baltic Sea was created in the Ice Age ever since the ice sheet moved over the rocks giving them their unique, eternal form. The present National Park area became inhabited in the Iron Age (500-1150 BC) and archeological findings date back to stone-age, when fishermen and hunters visited the islands in the summertime.

Farming, fishing and small-scale industry, large-scale ironworks industry to some extend, the service trade and tourism are the most important industries. Previously divided in three municipalities (Västanfjärd, Kimito and Dragsfjärd) they now together form Kimito Island. There has been a long tradition of seafaring in Västanfjärd, whereas farming has played a particularly important role in Kimito. The inhabitants of Dragsfjärd, on the other hand, work in industry as well as in typical island occupations.

Nature like no other

Nature in the archipelago is full of wonders. It is the largest archipelago in the Baltic, and there really are considerably more islands and rocky islets than people here. The enchantment of the sea, the verdant beauty of the inner islands, the barren outer islands, the unbroken peace and the rare flora and fauna give a faith in the future.

Welcome to the Adventure Island

The Karlbo Country House is a perfect archipelago home base in in the heart of Högmo, Kimitoön – the biggest island in the Baltic. Located a two hours drive from the international airport or Helsinki and only 70km from Turku, the former capital of Finland it is close enough - and far enough to forget the hectic urban world.

The colourful history and culture of the region offer an interesting place to get to know, and lively happenings, in the midst of the wonders of nature. The old ironworks surroundings, urban milieus and countryside where traditional agriculture still flourishes offers something for everyone.

It's difficult to single out one or two must-see landmarks in Kimito, but the Baltic Jazz festival held in Dahlsbruk should definitely be included in the summer program as well as checking out the nature preservation are beach nearby. Take a stroll in a forest, cycle along old village roads, play golf or ski downhill in the winter, sail with a schooner or simply sit on a seaside cliff and take pleasure in the calming view. The main information centre of the National Park, the Blue Mussel (Sinisimpukka) Visitor Centre, located in Kasnäs, is visited by more than 20,000 tourists each year.

Island Attractions

Kimito Island sights are largely based on what history has left behind. The islander's pride in the Sagalund museum is the Old Tjuda School commemorating the first school in Finland. The iron works milieu in Taalintehdas (Dahslbruk) has also its own museum. In addition many other trades and epochs such as pilot service, lock industry and the Viking Age have been documented. In old keepers parishes were prosperous and this was the case in the old Kimito municipality too. Due to this we have today seven churches and three chapels to present.

On Kimito island there is so much to see that it is well worth taking an authorized guide with you to make the most of your visit. The guides are approved by the Finnish Guide Association, have been carried out on the Kimito island and at present the local association has 12 authorized guides as registered members. Find your guide »

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Find your way

Kimito Island, which is the largest island in Finland, lies in the heart of the southwestern archipelago, a coherent area of islands stretching from the Åland Islands to Hanko in the mainland.

Karlbo Counry lies in the very center of the island, conveniently located for an exploration of the many different faces of the island. From the Norråker country residence you can be in the Kimito City, Dahlsbruk or the sandy white beaches within 15 minutes.

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Kimito island facts

Swedish speaking
Finnish speaking
Summer residents
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Land area
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Total area
Number of islands
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7 300
75 %
25 %
over 10 000
4 000
687 km2
2 114 km2
2 901 km2
approx. 3 000
approx. 550