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Hankoniemi as a berth was mentioned for the first time in the late 1200s. From the 1400s on, Hauensuoli (Pike's Gut) a narrow strait between two islands, was used as a harbour. The rocks of the islands are covered with names and coats of arms, carved by seamen waiting for more favourable winds.

Hanko has a long history of wars and battles. The Battle of Gangut between Swedish and Russian navies was fought in 1714 in the archipelago north of the peninsula. The battle was the first-ever victory of the Russian regular fleet. The fortification works on the Hanko Peninsula had already been started by the end of the 18th century, when the Swedish constructed three separate forts on the outlying islands. The forts were later bombarded by the Royal Navy during the Crimean War and they were eventually blown up during the hostilities by their own defenders.

Hanko — EST 1874

The city was founded in 1874, soon after the Hanko-Hyvinkää railway was inaugurated in 1872. The Imperial Charter for the city was granted by Tsar Alexander II. Hanko was the port of choice for emigrants leaving Finland for a new life in North America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A memorial statue, showing birds in flight, commemorates this.

In the late 19th century, while Finland was still a Grand Duchy under Russia, Hanko was a popular spa resort for the Russian nobility. Some of the buildings from that period survive, notably the Hanko Casino (which is not a gambling establishment, but a former banquet hall of the spa).

Field Marshal C. G. Mannerheim owned a café, Neljän Tuulen Tupa ("The House of the Four Winds") which still is very popular among tourists and residents alike.

The Bengtskär lighthouse is the highest one (52 m/171 ft) in the Nordic countries. It is situated 25 km (16 mi) southwest of Hanko. It was built in 1906 and it is the first lighthouse museum in Finland.

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Sea, sun and southwest fun

The Karlbo Townhouse  lies in the very center of Hanko, conveniently located for an exploration of the many different faces of this eclectic town

Hanko has a rich cultural and historical heritage and a legendary elegant mixture of fine sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs and beautiful villa architecture by the open seas. With Hanko's welcoming village atmosphere and some of the west coast's most exclusive restaurants, amazing beaches and nature and attraction on your doorstep you could be forgiven for staying longer.

The Hangon Regatta has been a traditional fixture on the Finnish social scene, and is the major summer event in Hanko. Hanko Eastern Harbour, the largest guest marina in Finland with charming sea side restaurants is the heart and soul of sweet summer life. Rent a bike and explore this unique cape or visit the tallest lighthouse in the Nordic countries, Bengtskär.

Hanko Attractions

An array of maritime inspired boutiques, antique shops, art galleries, pubs and restaurants line the charming streets of Hanko. The Market is definitely worth a visit in the summer. Open on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday on Kauppatori market place, and evening market during the summer (Wed, Fri) in the Eastern Harbour (June to mid August). The yacht clubs in Hanko have long traditions. The over 100-year-old HSF (Hangö Segelförening) and the 80-year-old HUS (Hangö Udds Segelsällskap) are jointly responsible for organising the annual Hanko Regatta and international sailing championships, as well as sailing schools for young people.

Start exploring the city in any direction from the Karlbo Townhouse — they all lead to the best of Hanko. The Hanko City Tourist Office will help you get started. You find them on Raatihuoneentori 5, also reachable via phone on +358 (0)19 2203 411.

"One's eyes endlessly admire the midsummer sun, shining above this charming Riviera of the North. The waterside oats wave in the gentle wind and playful little billows rinse the golden sands of Bellevue Beach. The long and arching coastline extends all the way to Pine Island and The House of the Four Winds, tracing in front of us an unequalled sea view." — Hangö newspaper, 1934

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Find your way

Hanko, which is the southernmost city in Finland, is the last mainland stop in the southwestern archipelago.

Kadermonkatu 1 lies in the end of a slow-life road crossing the western part of the Esplanad just behind the beautiful old wooden fire station and a few hundred meter format he still functioning railway station.

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Town of Hanko facts

Founded in 1874
Swedish speaking
Finnish speaking
Surface area totally
- Ground surface
- Freshwater surface
- Seawater surface
- Coastline 130 km,
whereof 30 km beaches
- About 90 islands

9 700
43.8 %
53.6 %
800.22 km2
117.46 km2
1.18 km2
681.58 km2

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