Karlbo Villas

Exquisite craftmanship

The house where Karlbo Townhouse resides was built in 1907 as the first Finnish public school. Its architecture and attention to detail represent a bygone era of tradition and old world craftsmanship, which can be seen in the many jugend inspired details. Later on the house served as a youth center, hence the local nickname "Unkan" which every local will recognize.

The second coming
After serving the local youth for over a hundred years this protected building was converted into 9 luxury apartments in two floors. Karlbo has designed one of the apartments from scratch to the needs of the most exquisite taste. Plumbing, central heating, flooring and everything you could ask for is renewed without compromising the original spirit. The rooms are 3.5 meters high and feature hand-made 2.4 meters high 3-way windows crafted from the original ones. West coast and marine living at its best, but adding a bit "Kensington" for to make sure that even Hercule Poirot would have found it adequate. The townhouse features a direct access from the living room to an own terrace in the lovely shared garden heading south and west.

The Karlbo Townhouse combines the privacy, security and comfort of a second home without the capital outlay, running costs and strings attached with ownership. We would love to invite you to join our vision of a modern yet classical getaway in the world that rarely exists. Read on or let the pictures in the gallery speak for themselves.

A connoisseur's take on the summer town

The impeccably appointed Karlbo Townhouse is a luxury private residence at the very heart of all that Hanko has to offer. The residence offers all the latest facilities of modern life, a historic setting mixed with antique furniture and modern classics — in perfect balance.

Bespoke like no other

From the outside the Karlbo Townhouse will blend seamlessly with the wooden architecture and landscape typical to the area. Closer inspection, however, shows that the handcrafted details on the outside only are a prelude for things to come. The residence welcomes you with a huge living room area featuring over 100 year old logs and brick details mixed with the tasteful, luxurious wallpapers from Sanderson. The interiors mix old antique furniture with soon-to-be classics such as the Moco Home Forest bed couch, wrapped up with the delicate Crema curtain from Lauritzon.

You'll surely notice the inviting fireplace next to the large dining table, but moving on inwards you discover the kitchen on the right as well as the über stylish black and white decorated toilet / shower room. Next, the restored original double glass door heading to the master bedroom will catch your attention. As an entré to the tranquil haven, you will sit down on the leather couch in the compass lounge for read and cocktail whilst enjoying the roaring fire in the school's only original resurrected fireplace.

Hanko is more about outdoors than sleeping indoors, but we have hid away comfortable sleeping quarters for a total of 8 people. Please refer to the floor plan or contact us for the details. Moving back outside you'll land on the large terrace for a BBQ or just chilling out in the sun. The garden features pine trees and lilacs and a small apple tree and is protected by a fence and a locked gate to keep your smallest darlings from getting out sight.

Cross the garden you will find the cosy sauna and laundry facilities in a hundred year old brick building. Here you will steam off the hectic life left behind and energize yourself for a walk in town or a barbecue on the terrace.

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After you have cleansed your soul next to the sea and sharpened your appetite with a long walk or bicycle tour you will find the Townhouse's modern facilities most welcome. We've included the most sought after features here, but do ask for anything special:

  • Totally rebuilt (doors, windows, floors, electricity, water etc) 63.5m2 in a two floor jugend house
  • Central heating (year round) + air conditioning (non cooling)
  • Two working fireplaces (one original, one bespoke new one)
  • A peaceful inner yard with a large private terrace accessible straight from the living room
  • A new stylish kitchen with a fridge & a freezer, a modern stove & oven + kitchenware
  • Dishwasher and a washing machine for laundry (shared, in the sauna building)
  • A stylish black n white decorated toilet + shower with floor heating
  • A 22" Widescreen LCD HDTV/Monitor (1080p FULL HD) and a small CD/Radio hi-fi system
  • A master bedroom + sleeping space for 4 more adults and 2 kids
  • An external sauna building (shared)
  • A big gas BBQ station
  • Ask for Internet/Wi-Fi

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